Intern In turn, interment Interim intermittent Enter, around the winter The saints shake stones Sharing the stories of Impertinent youth Impairing reasons, deliverance Casual impersonation Impermanence inspired Taking tolls from souls Imparting partitions In parts unknown interspersed envisions envision immanence Immaculate, inking Incisions to grasp Cold bone introductions Inhabit inhibitions Imprison, impartial Improvising provisional Empirical formulae Interruption of vision Inexact injuries Idolized immolation Infancy impinges upon Impending implosion Influx immunity I or eye or i.e. Imbue Impoverish Isolate Incinerate Inflame Impale Impure Intomb Interpretation? I or me or we or you or them or us or they or he or … Continue reading Interment

Feeling Dirty

I like to lick the shadows and live like a queen.  Affluent influences and dirty dreams.  Magic markers spell hard truth in the afterglow, flashing like raindrops through a floodlight.  Braker breaker 1-9, cigarette butts and the ends.  Bar-down in glitter town with the touchy-feely gloves of a truck-stop masturbator.  I can dance in the shadows or run in the light.  I have to give to get when wet, you know what I mean?  I mean, I can’t have it all and eat my cake too.  We all need to get scars while working, true?  Through the bottom I can … Continue reading Feeling Dirty


Constantly stoned But I’m copper tone Stalk into Sioux Falls my Sue fell down for nothing she gets drawn into the pavement my lovely chalk outline bride Her touch is cold But oh, that smile Enterprising reprisals Eschew the formalities Smokey dawn horizon And the starry night behind We’ve been running For a good long while Capsize cornerstones Even in the basement Erasure, closure, suture Spite I find that time will Kill us all slowly Like salt melting in lime We speak of the fallen And the keys to all of the doors She never says much But, sure, I … Continue reading Bride


impoverish threats ram jagged caustic noise derelict ionic cameras burning skin and private parts meticulous malicious For the greater good For the safety of your neighborhood A matter of national security not for sale? not in the mood Precision, incise implement action plan to renovate the failures level this level bar who you are, there is no care for you for no one cares that you were hurt before we fixed the caring that you are to be forced into by those who are supposed to listen and abide to you, oxymoronic, no? purge with noxious toxic bane flood the … Continue reading SoapBox


configuring the distance of an instance in an instant metaphysical caresses coalesce into guesses and the current currently stresses the truth of the veracity of the false because causes are causing such waves I am afraid to be capsized by the fears that are made the best guess is to find some comfort in what love is around you and surrounds you with the feelings of safety and to encourage those feelings too, in those who find themselves in two Sense is sensing the insistence that all these persisting notions are just temporary commotions I have to believe that relief … Continue reading Human

A rival

Burden of truth marries you to the burden of proof the silence announces the arrival trembling cinder tones annotate the dissension emanating from indiscernible distance friends of Rome seeking the coin for Charon abate your chatter child cease your prattle child you are in the forge we are drawing out the sword Anneal Grind Harden Temper Assemble Completion burden of proof binds you to the burden of truth now go and reap Vengeance the clash of steel bent to will shaped to slay announce, a rival survival, and a hard wind will carry you child the struggle will deliver you … Continue reading A rival


I never stood up to this much….. shivers of agony only following the whispers for I haven’t a clue, what to do next Poseidon said left, and Sud said right So I turned toward the light the hell I walked into was so beautiful I cried scars into my cheeks that remind me of all the times I have lost so roll the dice once more and follow the rising sun Vishnu will only help those who understand that there is only the day and the night so come and caress my face I am now blind so lead me … Continue reading Shiver