The absence is fertile Cinder and wormwood oblique in caricature masque of navel peach engraved forbearance in an expression impression upon gaze become volatile, season of sundown. Bathe austere in bright color convene covenant, prayer coronal lost god 7 steps meet portal fear tread forward mete out sacrifice lay among lion and lamb lead, beg or follow choice begets meaning harbinger of reckoning. Slip slide grasping fall quiet shattering solemn vows in honor an exchange fruits’ pleasure ring around poesey storm moving swiftly toward shore.   image courtesy of Pinterest         Continue reading Excandesco


fetching, impetious impetus for wine horizons bless’ed or become prey infectious, intelligence it doesn’t matter what you’ve got on you can claim me imperious, impervious scrape back the foam Turkish coffee grit showing in smiles all around blue filter-light integral to this scorn that adorns features of a rag-a-bone man playing take me home on his gramophone I watch you shift, cloudless pleased to be pleasing all the lush bastard boys hanging out on patios Camels and Coors…. I laugh about your arrogance sigh reverence satin speak crawls into the nape of my neck I shudder, chills, delight where will … Continue reading where?


dreams are necromancy fall of a whisper still carrying weight foreign dust on my tongue force thoughts of you, I hate that. loss, but not remembering orange crush and bible juice I can bathe in memories. dead between the eyes buckshot teeth strangle me into holiday crushing rocks in locust song blasphemy in every note unsung, unheard ketamine jitters ravage snake’s revenge on ice I’m a savage lost in civility cogito ergo you glitterboys caught in tete-a-tete with no one (or you or myself, it’s unclear) heavy conversation but quickly bores (into)me, a state of fugue without glue everything splits … Continue reading Necromancy


It could have been different I remember snow falling and a fleet of foxes leaving soft trail in the new drifts hot chocolate flavored whiskey herb and venison stew simmering slow Desperate Journalist playing in the den parliaments and democracies worrying about volcanoes and nuclear storms a twinkle in the eye bite down on the Bitcoin billionaire I caressed the words you were forming sanctity in the silence before knickers and freshly laundered sheets on the morning a crispness, cruel a cramp in the muscles, except in your mind fever came quickly with the fallout days underscored by semantics of … Continue reading Differences

Turn to Night

I do not feel needed but sometimes wanted I’m often beneath you and a bit haunted Opening doors that go nowhere at dawn Marching to pale tunes ever a pawn coalescing over green hills dew drop serenade As long as I swallow the pills I can be unmade awaken whole with feverish start glum the forecasting of the pulling apart A night comes, a day together the same marching to pale tunes that unspell my name I do not feel wanted but alas I am needed there’s a chilling wind and clouds have been seeded turn toward the storm thundering … Continue reading Turn to Night


I’m paling impaling the failings trailing on the railing behind the asterisk after my name so often the same a green rendering in chalk and ash and shadow lurking undone I shun the way home and turn towards dark recourse, of course I find no one the ghost of a mother once gave me some advice now I only follow the delicate side of hate I’m in love with the shape the taste of fear is clear I sip some accent far from here I wander to wonder what have I become to be the one to dance in a … Continue reading fade