Never Far From Me

Seeking mischief in former minutes, we tessellate the pool water, pulled out by buckets shower, bodies and hair beading oils of lavender, rose and cream something good awaiting us at the interlude, four-score and 7 minutes in your gravity, I stumble out in rapture enraptured, grievances lost and abandoned along the way, not once this close to anyone than this motley assemblage of teen angst and cool clothing, jackets made by local designer among the waves, and Doc Marten Tees spin the bottle and lie anyway, tongue in cheek Drink Drink Drink Drink BONG Never will we love like we … Continue reading Never Far From Me

5 before 4 into 1 the thief

Let us dance I want to pay off and get this motherfucker out of here When confronted with realities I prefer to taunt the mockers I smell the foul air, twisting on my rictus gin grin and walk through your door you will learn to be ridiculed when you understand the game you have already lost, it is the moment of aha that I live for you forget to make your move Small people utter small words in small ways about all they are incapable of understanding comprehension of tension rope a dope, soap on a trope there is a … Continue reading 5 before 4 into 1 the thief

Copenhagen Tom’s Kids

I fear there is something lost in the translation so I apologise for the rude connotations the shame etched into the profile of your essence, in winter drive me home to clandestine misery picture perfect laughing sorrows searing sunlight spotlights show us the silent saints of your suffering making merry in what was once our happiness Cry if it will help you to feel better those tears were always my milk and honey the butter on your fingers makes it harder to hold on complacent warden of our larceny compliments with sardonic integrity the boys are forgetting to breathe again So … Continue reading Copenhagen Tom’s Kids