the curvature of the earth rippled in response to your posture a black sun took a run at my masculine knocking me further into this piecemeal suit plastic and straw armor I use when attempting to combat level after level of your dungeon morass of emotions tossed into bin to recycle become something new subsequent quintessential attempt to hold vortex aluminum foil hat ticker-tape pasteboard facsimile of myself in retrospect little black one, you ponder ways to engage the space in-between the lofty neon peace found at table coffee takes our order sultry dark dark dark silk sustenance grants a … Continue reading quintessence


what do you say in the velvet aftermath? there is distance a kind sort of anger greens so loud they turn blue in sound of gone baby gone and hey, it’s hanging on that sometimes hurts most wrapped in barbed wire harder to work free when tangled entangled as two atoms can be knowing everything about the other remaining a universe apart gate is there; it’s just infinitesimally small stand better chances of burning in rain vice is worn spite turns to regret for the painful refrains falling upstream quelling capture worship frail release, wounds will not fester when the … Continue reading raw

get a ticket back

anorexic anti-angels sway in willow traces tracers racing as bodies writhe with incorporeal grace flowing faces cannot grasp names escape so quickly in this pulsing neospace ephemeral exorcists carry keys to kingdom every beat of the drum is a tectonic shift flowing outward from fingertips brushing electric air reverberating incandescence an orgy of movement, (oneness) join the fray with hopeless abandon to dance beside pyre is to burn in the fire a corpulent touch, synchronous watch a God particle melt into impossibly small bottom quarks That go up,up,up. emotions discordant begin rhythmic chant death, life, sex, joy, fear, hope, sadness … Continue reading get a ticket back


as the 13th chime rings, antecedents of hollow born shoulder splayed out in macabre embryo blazar-eyed lizard skin specter bust from the lining of holy books paladin of the yolk must bring father watch farther from the otherside where doth our existence expand to? nowherespace, nowhereman nothingsface, nothingshand nowherechild born in nothingsland space, space, space there is no time/place/locale/world/position/dimension not entangled by nothings trace trust us girl, there’s nothing to fear….     Continue reading 13th